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VR Game Design & Programming

Learn – virtual reality game making, through design and creation within the parameters of computer programming. Incorporate your 3D models and animation into your ultimate virtual world (3D Modelling & Animation is a separate course).

3D Modelling & Animation

Learn – what 3D is and how to use it, what modelling is and how to create 3D models and making them move the way you want, perhaps taking them into your very own virtual reality too (VR Game Design & Programming is a separate course).


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"I have never seen him this excited over anything that involves learning!  We'll be back for the advanced course." - Parent Chantelle

"Both of my children loved the VR game design and programming course during the January 2020 school holiday period so much that it is their favourite activity out of all others, provided that I've also taken them overseas to Disney Park. They will definitely be back soon." - Parent Kirit

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