School Term 1 - Specials

Book before the 16th of April

School Class Visits

 Two-hour education and experience session for only $10 per student

Valid until the 16th of April

VR Course Module

Learn the basics of C# programming and Unity terminology by creating a number of projects.

How We Help You

Professional Learning and Development

Empower teachers with industry knowledge and tools to design and code for virtual reality.

Specialised VR Course Facilitators

Specialised education team members at VR Voom are able to facilitate teaching both in-person or remotely. 

Virtual Reality (VR) Custom Course Content 

Combined Education Team from both industry and academia backgrounds to put together VR courses that are aligned to Technology teaching in the NZ Curriculum. 

VR Headsets

VR Voom is able to supply VR equipment through our collaboration with HTC, and going beyond by helping with set up and friendly advice as needed.


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