3D Modelling & Animation

Become the Timeless Artist in the Digital Age

Have you ever wondered how to create the 3D models and animation you see in today's games and at the movies? This course is your first step into knowing how 3D characters and movies are created and how you can even be able to make your own characters and animations in the future! 

You’ll have a great time learning how to create your own amazing 3D characters and then how to animate them, we’ll even be working on some dragons to spice things up. We will be doing this over a 12-month course structure designed for students aged 11 and up. 

Understand some of the key Blender functions.  Show your friends and families your beautiful creations.   

Why Learn 3D Modelling & Animation?  

3D models can offer an easy way for you to build something creative. For example, you don’t need to be good at drawing to be an animator, you can use a ready-made 3D character and then make the character's arms move by using skills taught in this course, instead of needing to draw every sequence of the movement in a separate drawing. 

You see 3D works everywhere nowadays – in games, movies, commercials – but it’s only growing faster and more extensive. It has also become much easier to get access to the tools that you’ll need. Before, you needed to have an entire company in order to make a movie, but now, even one person can create his or her own animated story. Learning about 3D this early will definitely help give you an upper hand in the school environment and will give you great opportunities to aim towards amazing and creative careers if you decide to. 

Creating 3D content for the endlessly growing variety of media needs could be a great career opportunity. You could create the 3D content to show a story of the interactions between a Kiwi bird and a human child or create an awesome exciting scene? It all depends on how creative you are, there are countless different possibilities that you could come up with – it’s only limited by your imagination. 

Completing this course in conjunction with the VR Game Design & Programming course will allow students to take their 3D creations and skills into a VR development environment, enhancing the VR projects with higher quality imagery and levels of detail in the characters and content they build in that course. 

Outcome Goal: 

Our 12-month 3D Modelling & Animation course aims to align with the 2020 New Zealand National Digital Technology Curriculum. We are empowering our young learners to go above and beyond by giving a purpose and providing our resources helping 3D projects to reach end-users on a global scale. 

Course Outline: 

Term 1 - Learn the basics of how Blender works and create simple animations and 3D models: 

  • Basic understanding of what 3D is. 

  • Learn what modelling is and the workflow around it.

  • Learn how to animate simple animations and understand what a Rig is. 

  • A simple understanding of how to navigate in Blender. 

  • Create your very own character!


Term 2 - Learn how to create your own environment, with an added bonus of learning how to import your creations to a virtual reality game through Unity: 

  • Environment and level design.

  • Bring your character into your environment.

  • Creating scenery, allowing your character to interact and live within your environment.

  • How to import your models into a virtual reality game.


Term 3 - All the knowledge that we’ve gained during the course so far will now be utilised and tested to redesign your character and make it look more complex and bring it to life: 

  • Advanced modelling techniques to create a complex character. 

  • Create a rig for a character that allows for highly customisable animation.

  • Make amazing looking animations.

Term 4 - It is time to unleash imaginations and make your own story come to life through 3D model and animation. We will empower students throughout this term to create and enhance their creations. As well as the option to learn how to import animation to a virtual reality game through Unity, and make a cutscene for it:

  • 3D movie making with your own rigged character.

  • Camera angle positioning.

  • Utilising 12 animation principles to your creation.

  • Import your animation to a virtual reality game.

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