Character 3D Modelling & Animation

Learn 3D Human Character Design, Modelling and Animation in Blender

Over three days, students will learn about creating 3D models using Blender and how to bring them to life through animation.  They’ll need to come along with their creative ideas at the ready about what characters they will design, model and animate.  Will it be a pirate with their hat and cutlass, a roman soldier with their shield and sword, a ninja with their black robes and death stars, or a princess in her luxurious clothing and a dagger hidden away?  You chose.  

Each day the course will develop, covering the basics of how to think about creating characters in 3D, building and tweaking the models, and then the art of animation.  Plus at the end of each day, all students get to spend some time experiencing Virtual Reality in action at the VR Centre downstairs.  

Age Requirement

Students are required to be aged 11 and up.

Why Learn 3D Modelling & Animation

Artistic learning such as drawing is something that most of us have participated in but is not for everyone due to many reasons, one of them is applicability in future studies and career pathways are niche. However, in 3D, that’s not the case! 3D is becoming more accessible and easier to create, and 3D is much easier to produce than people may think. Now that 3D is becoming more mainstream compared to traditional artistic drawing, there is a need for more 3D modellers and animators in the industry, and potentially earn NCEA credits in a school environment! Learning from us will give you a head start in the school environment and could help you achieve future job opportunities such as creating assets for game/content development companies or animating a computer-generated movie.

Learning Outcomes

• Basic 3D knowledge.
• Understanding of how animation works.
• Getting to know the process of modelling.
• Creating your very own personalised humanoid character.

About Blender 3D Program

Blender is one of the best 3D programs out there at the moment, even able to compete with other industry-standard programs such as Maya, but do you know what it’s biggest strength is? It’s completely free and easy to get! This may be a surprise for some because of how much Blender can do. By learning Blender students are able to transfer that knowledge and use other 3D programs as well.


$235 per person for 3 days.

What You Need to Bring

  • Laptop and computer mouse.

  • Morning tea.

  • Lunch.

  • Afternoon tea.

Daily Class Structure