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2D Game Making

Learn C# Coding Language Through Unity Engine

Learn how to make your own complete 2D game in this short crash course in Unity programming and game design! Create a Breakout/Block Breaker style game in Unity’s game engine.

Why learn how to make 2D games?

2D game design is a beginner-friendly style that will teach you both how to use Unity to create games while also learning the basics of coding in C#. The majority of this knowledge you learn will be able to easily transfer to any style of project you decide to create in the future!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of the Unity Engine while working in 2D.

  • Learn the basics of programming using the C# coding language.

  • Learn game design principles and add your own personal flair to this game.

Course Outline:

  • Begin by setting up an empty 2D game project and learn the basics of Unity's 2D editor.

  • Create a basic Game Design Document (GDD) to better understand your game and the development process.

  • Add basic gameplay mechanics to the game by programming C# scripts.

  • Learn to playtest for bugs and design flaws.

  • Add extra features to your game to better stylise and personalise it.

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