Low Poly 3D Model & Animation

Learn How to Model and Animate Your 3D Character in Blender

Learn how to model and animate a 3D character in Blender. We will create a knight and bring it to life! 
Why learn how to create an animated 3D character?  

Creating something in 3D is much easier and beginner-friendly than what some people might think. Learning how to create a basic character and how to animate it in Blender will teach you how to use 3D software to create a model and also how animation works. What you learn here will make you confident enough to then make any other character you can think of. 

Learning Outcome:

  • Gain knowledge of how Blender works as a 3D program, which will also help you to use other similar programs.  

  • Learn the process of creating a model and adding your own creativities. 

  • Understand how animation works and how to go about animating anything. 

Course Outline:

  • Learn the fundamentals of what 3D is and how Blender works. 

  • Learn how to set up a scene and the workflow of using Blender and any other 3D programs alike. 

  • Gain a simple understanding of how to animate a character with 2 arms and legs. 

  • Learn the process of creating buildings and props. 

  • Basic understanding of how gravity and weight need to be considered when it comes to animation. 

  • Creating your own personal knight!