Digital Technologies Capability Building Day 

Professional Learning & Development Day (PLD) – Virtual Reality (VR) Experience & Education

  • Time: Friday, the 9th April 2021 from 9 AM - 5 PM. 

  • Location: 393 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland.​

  • Cost: $300 +GST per attendee.  Limited to a maximum of 18 attendees per event, thus, we encourage you to book early if you would like to attend.

Content Covered

  • Introduction and experience to VR at our unique Centre - Free espresso coffee, water and snacks are provided for attendees, and lunch catered for the group.

  • Hands-on experience learning how to design and code for VR.

  • Hands-on experience with industry-standard web-based solutions to help you manage software projects in the classroom.

  • "Being a Student at VR Voom", We teach students 3D Modelling & Animation (using Blender) and VR Game Design & Programming (using Unity) – you’ll hear from our Education Team to see what students have created by learning with us. You’ll get an understanding of how quickly students can be taught how to really use basic coding skills to bring ideas to fruition.

  • "Live 3D Modelling and VR programming in Action", Education Team will run live 3D modelling and programming for VR in short sessions.

  • Interactive Discussion. "Using VR in Schools, and Where VR is Going"  Teachers can also submit topics they want to discuss throughout the day and we’ll talk about them during this session.


Booking Form

Please use the below form to book in (or, if you have a question) and we will send an invoice thereafter. Please note, our available spots are limited to 18 attendees per event, thus, we encourage you to book early if you will attend. Use the form below to inform any dietary requirements.


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