Introduction to Project: Generation Creators

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

VR Voom value project-based learning and that is why we are launching project: Generation Creators to emphasise to our young learners a potential for them to turn their creative efforts into a project that is valuable to others, consequently generating a source of income for themselves in the digital age. Many of our students now see this type of project as an achievable goal for themselves out of studying the VR Game Design & Programming and 3D Modelling & Animation courses we offer online.

Case Study

The concept for our example project was to build virtual reality (VR) content, using what kids learn during the course, to design towards the following scenario: “In the year 2050, the human race has successfully colonised the Moon and built a giant pendulum ride to entertain the population. But, one day an alien fleet suddenly appears out of nowhere...”

The team working on one outcome for this scenario produced this short VR film showing the base and the attempts to defend it. You will need to use your own imagination to visualise how this would look in the VR environment as it was created.

Content created by the student is paired with custom made 4-D motion platform hardware to create an immersive VR experience that includes the sense of movement in combination with the action as seen in 3-D. They get the chance to play around with their creations utilising the vast and exclusive VR hardware that we have available at our Virtual Reality Centre.

(VR Voom's virtual reality cinema known as the Time Machine)

We then licenced the content to 1,500 VR cinemas globally, every time the movie is experienced, royalty payments are paid to the creators. Kids love the idea of being additionally rewarded for their work, they are extra motivated, and by studying with us and through our guidance and support they gain real experience in designing, creating and distribution of VR content (a digital product) that they couldn’t attain through more traditional education options.

VR Voom will assist to publish and commercialise the top VR games that are created from our most serious students. Royalties earned are passed on to the student, there are new ways for kids to earn "pocket money" in the digital age! Overall, the purpose of project: Generation Creators are to enable young learners to think value creation in the digital age.

Invitation Only

Project: Generation Creators is by invitation only.


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