R&D Loan Funding From Callaghan Innovation to Support Its 5G+VR R&D Project

Auckland – Virtual Reality (VR) company, VR Voom, announces it will receive R&D Loan funding from Callaghan Innovation to support its R&D work into a project involving 5G and VR.  This COVID-19 support funding will enable the company to continue to enhance its education offerings, leveraging the expanded data capacity and speed of the new 5G network to enhance what can be done with 5G enabled VR technology being used by its students. 

During the worst pandemic of the century, the company has seen young people seek to learn more about VR and the potential of this new frontier in technology.  The outcome from the 5G + VR R&D project will empower Kiwi students to understand 5G and integrate 5G into their development, then share their VR creations with wider audiences. 

VR Voom has been reaching out to schools in Auckland and throughout New Zealand, to let schools know about VR Game Design and Programming and 3D Modelling & Animation courses they offer, both in-person and online, and specialised support services they provide to schoolteachers in the area of Digital Technologies curriculum.

VR Voom chief executive Peter Dong says, “thanks to the financial support from the Callaghan Innovation R&D Loan Scheme, students will be ahead of the curve in the 5G+VR era by understanding what 5G is, the integration with VR, and soon be able to easily share VR content they create through participating in our courses with classmates, friends, family and the wider community via 5G enabled VR technology – it’s a game-changer for this fast-growing sector.”

“New Zealand business and education leaders are aware of the growth and future potential of the globally expanding virtual reality industry.  And there is no other company in New Zealand that offers the same as us.”

Dong’s team has been helping an expanding number of students from schools across Auckland and continues to provide additional online course options and school holiday programmes. 

“VR Voom operates a unique business model in the virtual reality industry, combining emerging technology, engaging experiences, distribution, and innovative educational opportunities for young learners. We are a first mover in successfully converging multiple elements from different sectors.

“A lot is changing amid the global COVID-19 pandemic as more people are waking up to the digital age, and we are excited to be part of the solution to enabling young learners to get involved in creating rather than just consuming in this space. Our Cause is to develop digital technologies teaching solutions for students and provide specialised support to teachers.”

For further information contact VR Voom, CEO, Peter Dong via peter.d@vrvoom.co.nz or BDM, Andrew Allerby via andrew.a@vrvoom.co.nz

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