Combining emerging technology, engaging virtual reality (VR) experiences, and innovative educational opportunities for learners.  We are passionate about bringing industry-standard VR design & programming know-how to any students who have a leaning toward digital creativity to generating productive outcomes of which they are proud of; empowering future generations with the knowledge and tools to unleash creativity. 

VR Voom has an education team, resources and space dedicated to supporting schools, teachers and students to learn how to make the most of virtual reality technology and go beyond just experiencing VR to become creators of their own creative content in VR.

We enable teachers to do more with their students by utilising VR, helping to upskill teaching staff, working alongside teachers in the classroom (or remotely), and hosting groups to visit our VR Centre and classroom space in Newmarket, Auckland.

  • VR PLD (Professional Learning & Development) – 1 day, Next available Friday,9th April 2021.

  • Teacher Training – Learn how to create in VR – 3 Days, Next available Saturdays, 20th March and 27th March 2021.

  • School Class Visit to experience VR – 2-hours, $30 +GST per student (for groups up to 40)

  • In-person teaching support at your school – we come to you (Per hour pricing)

  • In-person teaching support at your school module (10-hour discounted package)

  • Teaching at VR Voom – bring a class group to our site (Per hour pricing)

  • Teaching at VR Voom module (10-hour discounted package)

  • Remote Teaching Support – we conference into your classroom (Per hour pricing)

  • Remote Teaching Support module (10-hour discounted package)

  • Course Materials – Complete courses, including full presentation notes, enabling you to teach your class how to create content in VR

  • Remote Support for Schools who purchase Course Materials (Per hour pricing)

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