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Introductory VR Course - Creating a Mobile VR Game

We provide you with a complete course and set up materials to take a class of students through a project to create their own VR experience!

The package includes materials and full presentations, including step by step descriptions to take students through up to 10 hours of teaching time. We also provide you with an hour of remote support to ensure you have our support available to help you tackle any set-up challenges or specific questions as you go through the course. 

Introductory Price: $150 &GST

Take advantage of this offer to enable and accelerate your students into the world of creating their own VR content!

Package Description:

  • Up to 10-hour teaching content module. 

  • An hour of remote support with our experienced specialist VR Developer Lead.​​

Learn the basics of C# programming and Unity terminology by creating a number of projects. Create a basic 3D "Platformer" project that will teach you about 3D world design and how to manipulate objects in 3D space through code/scripting. Then move onto creating a Mobile VR game using your mobile phone as the VR headset. This will reinforce your programming knowledge and teach you the basics of VR terminology. It will also challenge you to think about designing applications in a 360-degree environment. This is only a taste of what VR is capable of doing at a basic entry-level.

Please note, students should use a PC/laptop for general programming.

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