VR Fruit Chopper

Learn C# Coding Language Through Unity Engine

Have fun learning how to design, program and create your very own VR game on this 3-day course designed for beginner students. Gain an understanding of basic game design principles and become proficient in the C# coding language. Learn by creating a VR Fruit Chopper game where you can slice fruit up like a true master. It doesn’t have to be fruit! Easily add or find your own models to add to the game to truly personalize your experience.



Day 1  We will cover the basics of programming in the C# language and how to use the Unity game engine. We will create some mini-games that we can personalize that showcase the vital skills that every game developer needs, to create their own unique games.

Day 2 - 3 We will cover how to Install our VR software into our game and show just how easy it is to create our very own VR game. We will cover the do’s and don’ts of VR game design and how we can make even the simplest of actions feel engaging and rewarding. Again, personalisation is key to creating your own unique style and game.

With anytime remaining, we will further refine the games OR add in extra mechanics suggested by the students themselves.


$200+GST per student


Learning Outcomes

• Basic Programming principles for beginners.

• Entry level understanding of game design mechanics.

• The differences between traditional 3D and VR games.

• Learning how to use VR controllers and devices

• Creative freedom in how your game will function.


What You Need to Bring

· Recommend a Windows laptop and computer mouse (No need to worry about the VR gear, you’ll be using our top-of-the-line VR hardware).

· Lunch & Water



Please have Unity Hub and Visual Studio installed on your chosen device prior to attending this course (we will send you installation instructions after you book for the course)

Daily Structure