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VR Laser Defender

Learn C# Coding Language Through Unity Engine

Have fun learning how to design, program and create your very own VR game on this 5-day course designed for students aged 11 and up. Learn by creating a VR Laser Defender game where you must deflect lasers as they fly towards you. Gain an understanding of difficulty levels and how you can create them. Utilise VR’s potential for 360-degree gameplay by blocking lasers that are flying all around you. Use particle systems to create laser trails and flash effects within your game.  

Age Requirement

Students are required to be aged 11 and up.

Why Learn VR Development

The virtual reality (VR) market is growing bigger and broader every year with more diverse companies picking up the technology. Learning how to develop software and games directly for the VR market will give the student an edge in your school environment and could lead you to an interesting and unique career. Create VR content for the growing gaming market or for a specific future industry related need, such as allowing medical students to explore the human body from the inside? The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Learning Outcomes

•    Basic Programming principles.
•    Entry level understanding of game design mechanics.
•    Introduction into difficulty levels and how to adjust them on the fly.
•    Creating interesting and unique effects with sound design and particle effects.

About C# Programming Language

C# programming language is one of the latest programming languages which was developed by Microsoft. Game developers like to use C# because of the Unity engine is one of the top game development engines, but there are other applications for C# for various platforms like iOS, Android, cloud and Windows or web.

C# programming language has started to be used with machine learning software, which makes sense because it can be structured to tackle large and complicated projects by dividing the problem into smaller modules.


Other advantages include elements like:

Object-oriented, which means it makes development and maintenance easier compared to a procedure-oriented programming language.

Modern Programming Language, as mentioned above, this is one of the latest programming languages, yet it is simple, scalable (an important factor), interoperable and robust.

Interoperability, this means that C# programming language has the ability to interact with a different programming language such as C ++, improves cross programming language compatibility, saves a lot of time which is key.

Enormous inbuilt functions, again, this will help to save time by increasing the development rate.

Note: completing this course in conjunction with our 3D Modelling and Animation course we offer will allow students to enhance the games they produce with higher quality imagery and levels of detail in the characters and content they build into their gaming environment.


$395 per person for 5 days.

What You Need to Bring

  • Recommend Windows laptop and computer mouse (No need to worry about the VR gear, you’ll be using our top of the line VR products).

  • Morning tea.

  • Lunch.

  • Afternoon tea.

Daily Class Structure

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